• Send Email Newsletters, 100x Cheaper!

    FleetMails makes it cheaper and simple to send beautiful HTML
    email newsletters, grow your subscribers and manage your email list.

Makes Email Marketing Simple

The main goal of every email-marketing campaign is getting the email actually
delivered in cheap cost– and that is what FleetMails made for.

Send Beautiful Email Newsletter

You don’t need to be a technical person to design your email. Import your own email or use our Drag and Drop email template builder to create your email template.

Lists & Subscribers

Collecting, managing and segmenting your subscribers is a snap with FleetMails.

Autoresponder Follow Up

Setup your auto-responder emails to be triggered based on specific subscriber activities.

Advanced Analytics to Grow your Business

Who opened your email, which links are clicked inside your email, how many times opened, invalid email addresses, spam complaints and bounce rate etc.

Email Sending Methods - Multi SMTP

Now you can send emails by remote SMTP server and eliminate your email marketing cost.
It’s pretty simple, Just integrate your Fleetmails account with a remote SMTP server
or use your own SMTP and start sending campaign in right way.

Use Any SMTP Provider You Like

You Can Use one of the Following or Multiple SMTP at a time:

  • Elasticemail Web API (150k/month free emails then $0.09/1000 emails)
  • Sendmail ( 1000/Month free then $2.50/1000 emails
  • Amazon Ses Web API (Cost $0.10 per 1,000. Emails)
  • Mailgun Web API (10k/month free emails then $0.50/1000 emails
  • Sendgrid Web API (40k/month free emails then $19/100k emails)
  • Dyn Web API
  • Maierq Web API (0.20$/1000 emails
  • Mailjet Web API (6000/month free then $7.49/30k emails)
  • Sendinblue Web API (9000/month free then $7.37/40k emails)
  • Tipimail Web API (10k/month free then $41.32/25k emails)
  • Leadersend Web API ($0.20 / thousand)
  • Sparkpost Web API (100k/month free then $0.70/1000 emails)


One-time Payment, No Hidden Fees

When you purchase FleetMails membership today, you have purchased unlimited use and for life time – there are no additional charges on per mail any other basis. No matter you renew support/upgrades or not, your software will work lifelong. No strings attached!

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"I really love Fleetmails. The best part about my campaign is being able to look at the reports. It's great to be able to see how many people have read the newsletter, who they are, what links they clicked on and how many apparently never opened the newsletter."
Orville RobertsonSatisfied Customer
"I've been using Aweber for the last few months and am thinking that your service would be more robust. I like the idea of being able to send email through remote SMTP server because it eliminate my cost!"
Lisa BurnhamSatisfied Customer
"It is amazing that within 10 minutes of sending our newsletter through Fleetmails, our phone started ringing, and emails started coming in. The best part is that our reports show that the most important clients we wanted to reach have opened and clicked through!"
Ian HarmonSatisfied Customer